Switchwire cable chain set
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10mm x 11mm inner size openable energy chain set for Voron Switchwire 3D printer.


  • X: 18 pieces, 345 mm (10x11mm)
  • Y: 15 pieces, 295 mm (10x11mm)
  • Z: 26 pieces, 480 mm (10x11mm)

The set is made from meter-length pieces, so I can manage with fewer end connectors than would be necessary. Therefore, the set is available with cheaper printed end connectors and more expensive injection molded ends. (So, every set is complete, every openable injection molded of good quality chain, only the ends are different.)

Printed PETG may have better layer adhesion, but I also try to print ABS properly. If you want to replace it, I use this model:

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