LDO V0 Picobilical kit
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The LDO Picobilical is a mod designed for Voron V0 3D printers based on the idea of the V0 Umbilical mod, but supplemented with new features:

  • Toolhead PCB for easier wire management on the print head.
  • Detachable "umbilical cord" wire, for example, for convenient disassembly during maintenance.
  • Built-in RP2040 microcontroller on the companion board (frame pcb), thus fewer wires are needed towards the motherboard, where moreover, more free ports remain for additional functions.
  • Integrated 24V/5V DCDC converter with a max. 5A output, which eliminates the need for an external 5V converter for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Two independent neopixel ports, and a Beeper is also found on its Frame PCB.
  • Selectable 5V/24V voltage for the HotEnd and object cooling fan.
  • Built-in temperature sensor for monitoring the chamber temperature.
  • ADXL accelerometer module for Klipper Input Shaper.
  • Optional filament sensor input.

You can find detailed instructions on the LDO website. Be sure to check it out carefully: docs.ldomotors.com/en/voron/voron01/Picobilical

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