LDO Voron V0-S1 RevA+ (V0.2r1) gray
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LDO's latest Voron V0.2r1 "luxury" kit, with extra parts:

  • E3D Revo Hotend: Ultra-light, metal construction. Quick tool-less nozzle change, 0.4mm and 0.6mm nozzle. Revo HeaterCore heating and sensor architecture, maximum temperature: 300°C
  • HIWIN X linear rail:Stainless linear rails, and for the X axis HIWIN, for greater precision.
  • Picobilical PCB Mod:LDO's development based on the RP2040 microcontroller separates the head control from the motherboard. The cabling is clearer and there are free outputs on the motherboard for additional extra functions.
  • 100W Polyimide (PI) film heater, 200W Morsun power supply:The heating element heats the entire surface of the bed, and the thermistor measures the temperature inside the bed. It heats up extra quickly due to the high power, which is provided by the 200W power supply.
  • Kirigami bed:Laser cut and bent lightweight and rigid aluminum bed mount, with colorful NeoPixel status led.
  • Slide-in M3 T-nut: A small detail, but you'll love it! You don't have to disassemble the frame because of the forgotten M3 nuts. The trapezoidal SlideIn T-nut can be inserted afterwards.

The kit does not include printed parts and the Raspberry PI! The color choice refers to the color of the frame. At your request, the frame can be replaced with another color available in the shop.

Detailed parts list:


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