Micron Metal Gantry
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Aluminum (5754) laser-cut parts for Micron AB motor mounts and front idlers. It results in a stiffer design, the belt tension is motorized similar to V0 printers, thus the front idlers keep the front bearings in a very simple fixed position.

Source of DXF files, STL and CAD:

Kit contents:

  • 4pcs - AB_Plate_Tapped[x4].dxf (3mm, SandBlasted)
  • 4pcs - SimpleIdler_Tapped_[x4].dxf (3mm, SandBlasted)
  • 12pcs - Plate_Spacers_[x12].dxf (1.5mm, SandBlasted)
  • 2pcs - Tensioners.dxf (3mm, Unfinished)

Tapped version, which means the holes for the screws holding the bearings are 2.5mm in diameter. You can cut M3 threads into the lower ones, and you need to enlarge the top ones to 3mm in diameter. (You can ask for help in this.)

The elements (except for the tensioners) have a sandblasted surface. There is little burr on the ones with a thickness of 3mm.

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