Trident 350 HFSB5 frame
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Assembly-ready Trident frame made of black aluminum Misumi profile.

The Misumi handles the cutting of the profiles to size, so the cuts are accurate in length and perpendicular. We make the thread cuts and the holes needed for blind join connection to the best of our knowledge. If there would be a defect in the quality of these and it would hinder the assembly, please let us know and we will replace the item under warranty. Unlike other kits, we only drill a 4mm hole in it, minimally weakening the profiles.

  • 4pcs: HFSB5-2020-500-LCP-RCP-AV360
  • 9pcs: HFSB5-2020-470-TPW
  • 1pc: HFSB5-2020-470-AH235-TPW
  • 1pc: HFSB5-2020-470-AH235
  • 1pc: HFSB5-2020-430
  • 1pc: HFSB5-2020-332-LTP
  • 1pc: HFSB5-2020-330-LTP
  • 1pc: HFSB5-2020-340

You can place an order even if the particular variant is not in stock. In this case, the delivery time is three to four weeks.

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