Voron V2.4 300 HFS5 extrusions
Out of stock

Misumi profiles cut to size for Voron V2.4 frame.

The profiles are cut to size by Misumi, so the cuts are accurate in length and perpendicular. Holes and threads are not prepared in this set! The price only includes the following unprocessed profiles:

  • 4pcs: HFS5-2020-480
  • 10pcs: HFS5-2020-420
  • 2pcs: HFS5-2020-400
  • 1pc: HFS5-2020-380
  • 1pc: HFS5-2020-290
  • 4pcs: Openbuilds triangle

You can place an order even if the specific variant is out of stock. In this case, the lead time for the order is three weeks.

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