Orbitool Toolboard Kit (O2)
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LDO Orbitool O2 Toolboard Kit is a toolhead PCB with a STM32F042 MCU, TMC2209, Accelerometer all integrated into one board. The form factor is design for Orbiter V2 Extruder.


  • Optimized for Orbiter V2 shape and features including orbiter sensor
  • STM32F042 microcontroller running on 48MHz
  • Automotive USB communication with Raspberry PI
  • Onboard LIS2DW12 accelerometer
  • TMC2209 extruder stepper driver
  • Direct connection to Orbiter v2 sensor
  • PWM controlled fan outputs
  • DC-DC converter based Hot-end fan driver, compatible with 12/24V fan types with RPM speed input signal
  • Hot-end temperature sensor input compatible with standard NTC or PT1000 temperature sensor types
  • I/O for bed level sensing
  • X-Stop sensor input
  • RGB LED driver output
  • Onboard temperature sensor
  • Advanced thermal management system

"We are hobbits, professionals and let’s face it, we do mistakes, and when the magic smoke shows up everybody is disappointed, even if we know it’s a user fault. In this board, I promise you the magic smoke is kept inside extremely tight!"

Protection Features:

  • Active short circuit protected Hot-end output
  • Active short circuit protected fan driver outputs
  • Active Protection circuit against reverse power supply connection
  • Protection against loss of GND supply
  • Analog and digital inputs protected against short to +24V supply voltage
  • USB data lines protected against short circuits to GND and +24V
  • RGB LED power supply pin protected against short to GND
  • EMI interference and ESD protection an all inputs and outputs
  • Heater thermal runaway protection in case of short between heater and sense thermistor wires


Manual: O3 Toolboard/Documentation

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